Moo & Oink

Max Mart is your Moo & Oink Headquarters

Max Mart stores carry most of the Moo & Oink Products at both Roseville MN and St. Paul MN Stores. Moo & Oink selections including:

-Beef Hot and Mild Links

-Turkey and Pork Hot and Mild Links

-Pork Chitterlings

-Rib Tips

-Patties including BBQ, Breakfast, and Beef

-Chicken including Tenders, Spicy Tenders, and Chicken Nuggets

-Moo & Oink Chicken selections including Tenders, Spicey Tenders, and Nuggets

Moo & Oink Beef Turkey Pork Links
Moo & Oink Beef Hot Links

Moo & Oink Links

If you haven’t tried our famous Moo & Oink links yet, you are missing out!  Meat options of Beef, Pork, and Turkey and Moo Meter options of Mild or Hot.  Unless you are a spice lover, stick to the Moo & Oink Mild selections, which still pack some kick.  If you can handle some heat, the Hot Links will blow you away!

Moo & Oink Rib Tips

Rib Tips are sold by the case in Max Mart stores.  This amazing product has limited availability and typically sell out fast when our shipments from Chicago come in, so if this is what you are looking for please feel free to call or tweet us to ensure we have them in.

Moo & Oink Rib Tips
Moo & Oink Pork Chitterlings

Moo & Oink Pork Chitterlings

Moo & Oink Pork Chitterlings are a very popular and tasty favorite of pork lovers.

Moo & Oink Chicken

Chicken in stock include Chicken Tenders, Spicy Chicken Tenders, Chicken Nuggets, and Chicken Patties.  The thick and crispy breading on these selections make these some of the best pre-cooked Chicken you can buy.

Moo & Oink Chicken Tenders
Moo & Oink BBQ Beef Patties

Moo & Oink Patties

Our patty selections include BBQ, Beef, and Breakfast Patties.  If you haven’t tried the breakfast patties yet, don’t miss out on these amazingly seasoned, slightly spicy patties in your next home cooked breakfast meal.